Nick Kapliev

Stop, Little Graphite

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Q: I have stopped reporting some counters to graphite and removed folders/counters related to them. Why graphite recreates deleted folders/counters? A: Most probably because some of your applications are still reporting removed counters. And graphite just doing what it suppose to do: storing them. So, the first thing to do you should check that changes in your applications that prevent old counters from reporting have been deployed for real. Go to instances/containers whith your application and check its source code.


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Once in the evening, I’ve been helping Google to save Bunny Planet. My friend from India told me that forest pythons are extremely dangerous. He said: Nick, you a good man, but your bear fighting skills that you developed during childhood in Russia will barely help you if you will meet such a big snake as a python in a forest. So, I was looking for some docs about interaction with pythons: tips from masters, evidence of survivals.