Stop, Little Graphite

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Q: I have stopped reporting some counters to graphite and removed folders/counters related to them. Why graphite recreates deleted folders/counters?
A: Most probably because some of your applications are still reporting removed counters. And graphite just doing what it suppose to do: storing them.
So, the first thing to do you should check that changes in your applications that prevent old counters from reporting have been deployed for real.
Go to instances/containers whith your application and check its source code.

Q: Done! Changes deployed but graphite still recreates counters/folders. What should I do next?
A: Do you use statsd/carbon-aggregator/etc.? Probably you are. Restart them.
The problem could be related to empty counters that aggregators(e.g. statsd) trying to report to graphite again and again, even after nobody else asks them to do so.
You need to restart statsd. This way you will force it to release old counters, and it will stop reporting them.
Do not forget to restart statsd on the same instance with your graphite if you have it there.

Also, there is an option in a statsd config that forces it to stop report empty counters: deleteIdleStats.
Please read some docs before changing it ;)

Another way to check that statsd is a cause of your troubles is to connect to its admin interface and look what counters statsd are aggregating right now and going to report to graphite:

telnet 8126

Read more about statsd admin cli in docs.

Q: Done, aggregators restarted. But graphite still recreates counters/folders.
A: Sometimes statsd need to be restarted several times. Have no idea why :(

I hope you will solve the problem using this advice.
If you will not, please tell me what solution did you find for your case.